Leading people to self resistance. SHOULD BE THIS ONE

“I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight.” Isaiah 45:2


Dear Lord, I want to start my week right, so I ask you to go before me this day, guiding me to overcome any problems or obstacles that I might face.  May I do my best in whatever lies ahead of me in the coming hours.  Please stay at my side all day long, letting me find new happiness, and new peace of mind.  I pray that many good things will be in store for me today and every day of this week.  Amen.


How thankful I am for your love Lord.  My faith in You is steadfast as I ask you now to go before me today to straighten out any matters that could bring me worry.  Please bless me with the strength and energy to get my daily duties done in Your honor.  Grant me wisdom to make the right decisions throughout this Tuesday…and help me to know what to do and say in any situation.  May today be a good day for me.  Amen.


The middle of the week has come Dear Lord and I look to this Wednesday with hope that you will go before me hours by hours…helping me to be free from worry, free from anything that stands in the way of my happiness and service to you.  If a problem does arise, guide me wisely and well to rise above it.  You care about me Lord, and I place my trust in you to lead me every step on this day.  I love you and thank You for my blessings!  Amen.


Thank you Lord, for this day and for life and my many blessings.  I believe in Your goodness with all my heart.  So I am asking you to go before me today, being my guide if situation make me wonder which way to turn.  As each hour passes on this Thursday, bless me with your strength, your joy and your grace.  Keep me under your watchful eye the entire day ever ready to help me and offer me comfort!  Amen.


As the end of the week draws near Lord, please go before me today; helping me to carry out my task to the best of my ability and in Your Name.  No matter what I have to do, let me keep a positive attitude.  On this day may I be able to avoid any troubled moments and obstacles that are designed by you for my good.  I am grateful for the loving concern you show me…and I know I can count on You today and at all times of my life.  Amen.


I am so grateful for your constant companion Lord, I am confident that my happiness is important to You.  You are ever-caring about the needs I have and things that are important to me to do Your will.  In the hours ahead on this Saturday, I pray you will go before me to smooth and straighten out any rough spots that I may come upon.  May this not be a day of worry and confusion.  May it be a Saturday of Joy and Contentment in Your Name!  Amen.


Dear Lord, what loving and understanding Friend You are.  I ask You to go before me in the hours to come, making this a Sunday that is happy and restful for me.  Ease any pressure I may be under…filling me with Your gentle peace.  As the day ends, let me remember that bountiful blessings are waiting for me in the new week as I travel.  I pray that you press on my mind that you will go before me and make the “crooked places straight!”  Amen.

Created and developed by Joseph Cole